Material pricing is based on a per square foot basis. There are per door/front charges for items such as hinge drilling, edge profiles, polish sanding, finishing, etc.

Doors: Minimum material charge for all doors is 2 square feet.

Frames: Minimum material charge is 2 square feet. Square footage is calculated using a width of 9”, regardless of the actual width, on all frames up to 24”. If the width is more than 24” contact a customer service representative for a quote. There is also an additional per door charge to prep the frame for glass inserts.

Drawer Fronts: Minimum material charge for slab drawer fronts is 1 square foot. Panel fronts have a 2 square foot minimum.

Drawer Box Kits: Price is calculated per perimeter. Boxes may be ordered any length however there is a 20” minimum length material charge. Heights can be ordered in any size that is a whole number and ¼” increments.