As an option The Door Company offers a variety of paints, satins, and glazes. You can choose from our standard colors or submit a sample for color matching. An additional fee will be charged for all color matched jobs.

Why don’t we post our colors on our website? Colors can vary depending on the wood species you select. Colors can also vary from computer monitor to computer monitor and you may not get an accurate view of the actual color. If you would like a color sample we would be happy to mail you a sample or two for comparison. Contact a customer service representative for assistance.


All unfinished items with one dimension less than 41” are final machine sanded using 220 grit paper.

Polish Sanding

Uses an orbital sander to provide a uniform finish sand. Sanding using the orbital sander equates to an approximate 320 grit final sand. Polish sanding is available on products with one dimension less than 36”.

Hand Sanding: All unfinished items with both dimensions greater than 41” will be hand sanded using 320 grit paper.