Each and every dovetail drawer box that we produce is made from sold maple, ½-inch thick. The drawer boxes are fully customizable, allowing you to pick the perfect drawer for your needs. Whether you plan to use a drawer for cutlery or to store spices, we can supply a drawer built specifically for that purpose. Our solid maple drawer boxes are constructed with durability in mind, drawing on the fundamentals of design to construct a drawer box that is solid yet undeniably attractive. We supply dovetail drawer boxes both pre-assembled and in kits that you can put together yourself at home.

Dovetail Drawer Boxes – Assembled

Dovetail Drawer Boxes – Kits

Dovetail Drawer Bottoms

Dovetail drawer bottoms are ¼” pre-finished birch plywood and will be made 9/16” x 9/16” less than the overall size. Bottoms are not supplied unless specified.